Project Planning Breakthroughs

A proven process that can be immediately understood and implemented by your whole team

Regardless of the diversity among people, locations, departments, or disciplines involved, this program provides a streamlined overview of the basics, while focusing on a vastly improved methodology to meet the rigorous challenges of developing a project execution plan.

This course goes beyond the standards in the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), the recognized learning designation in this field and has 21 PDUs (Professional Development Units) recognized by the Project Management Institute. Priority Management is also registered with the Project Management Institute as a Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)

This course will help you:​

  • Develop a complete and comprehensive Objective Statement; the foundation of a successful project
  • Create a detailed Execution Plan using a unique process called Objective Driven Logic, applied to a Time-Scaled Dependency Chart
  • Apply a simple, yet powerful method to resolve complex resource constraints
  • Calculate a detailed Budget and Cash Requirement Projection
  • Integrate contingency planning through “Scenario Estimating”
  • Determine where and when to best apply project management software
  • Bring final closure to the project through the application of a 3-level review process

At a Glance

​Who Should Attend:

Anyone, novice or veteran, who manages, supports or initiates projects.


  • A 3-day workshop using case study projects to implement theory and techniques for success. Participants will plan and work in teams to complete 4 case study projects of increasing scope and complexity.

Tools Provided:

  • A Comprehensive Learning Guide
  • A Complete Project Planning Kit
  • The book ‘Making it Happen – a Non-Technical Guide to Project Management’

Detailed Synopsis

The Project Planning Breakthroughs Workshop focuses on the challenge of providing practical improvement solutions to organizations that often already know the basics of project management. This is accomplished by two important breakthroughs: For the novice, Project Planning Breakthroughs provides a streamlined overview of the basics, while focusing on the rigorous challenges to developing the crucial element of the project Execution Plan. For the veteran, PPB provides a brief, yet relevant overview of the basics with a strong emphasis on a vastly improved method for developing the project Execution Plan.


You will consider how to define a project and learn the five stages in a new framework for managing projects.

Unit 1: Genesis

In this unit you will learn to lay a solid foundation for the project.

Unit 2: Design

We will show the design framework and the importance of performance criteria.

Unit 3: Execution Planning

You will learn how to create an execution plan.

Unit 4: Execution

You will learn how to manage the project plan, including changes.

Unit 5: Reviews

We will show you how to learn from the experiences.

Unit 6: Supplements

Additional tools and techniques: In this section we have compiled additional tools and techniques to use in planning and managing projects, starting with a Project Survival Guide.