Email Writing for Business

Learn How To Write Emails That Get The Results You Want

Now that you have control over incoming information by email, learn how to write clear, effective business emails that get the response you need. In the Effective Email Writing for Business half-day workshop, you’ll learn how to make email communication more efficient by mastering these five skills:

  1. Capture attention with bulleted lists, short sentences, and “white space” that makes your writing easy-to-understand and reader-friendly.
  2. Get more responses by making body content relevant and interesting to your readers. Learn to immediately indicate whether your message is Action Required (AR), Response Required (RR), or For Your Information (FYI).
  3. Avoid miscommunication that disrupts workflow by using a positive, professional tone free of slang and unclear abbreviations.
  4. Protect people’s privacy in mass emails.  Learn how to hide address lists with BCC and abide by Canada’s Anti-Spam laws.
  5. Stay on top of tasks and save time.

Forget online courses, or programs that leave you with a heap of homework to do.

With interactive workshops designed to change your behaviour, Progressive Training helps you walk out the door with skills you can immediately use on the job.