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Celebrating over 30 years delivering time management training in Toronto.


Trying to remember what you need to do creates unnecessary brain stress. Time management tools are supposed to help – but unfortunately, most of them (Smartphones, Outlook, Lotus, day planners) don’t come with very good time management training.

Progressive Training’s workload time management training in Toronto teach you how to use time management processes with workload management tools so

from now on you’ll leave your office each day with:

  • An empty inbox (no matter how many emails you get)
  • One, achievable ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.
  • No homework, and no 3 a.m. fear of having forgotten anything.
  • A “smarter” Smartphone so it actually gives you less “work.”
  • A sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Because real stress reduction comes from having time to implement practical advice, and the skills to manage your time each day.

Choose Your Time Management Training in Toronto From Working Sm@rt Time Management Programs:

“Far from being a refresher on Outlook, the course unlocked the power of Outlook to become a real productivity enhancement tool to enhance both work and personal lives.” – Arnold Drung (President) Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd.

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