Priority Influencing

Unlock your personal communication style and achieve influential leadership success

Master the skills to positively affect the outcome of all communications. Acquire leadership skills by learning to clearly read each situation, ask the right questions, listen well, understand the issues at a deeper level, and communicate with confidence.

Achieve your business and personal goals by honing your human interaction and leadership skills.

This course will help you:​

  • Build better relationships
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Expand information you need to make better decisions
  • Use effective communications to build a stronger team
  • Know how to cultivate “buy-in”
  • Learn the behaviour of a team player
  • Present yourself as a leader

At a Glance

Who Should Attend:

All staff members who work in teams, participate in projects or communicate with customers; executives and supervisors who are responsible for motivating and communicating effectively.


  • 1-day session includes Influencing Profile assessment, actual influencing sessions, and development of an individual action plan.

Tools Provided:

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and the Development Guide

Detailed Synopsis:

The Priority Influencing Workshop is an essential skills program designed to help you improve and develop your knowledge and skills as an influencer. It will help you improve your productivity and effectiveness by enhancing your influencing skills and show you how to maintain a keen awareness of others’ interests, moods and concerns. You will gain proficiency in any interdependent situation.

Unit 1: Being Productive

Introduces participants to the processes of work in the New Economy. Attendees work to discover the various ways that the influencing process impacts their effectiveness.

Unit 2: Wavelength

Shows by practice and observation the importance of wavelength skills in the influencing process. Participants learn how to recognize and look at body language and the importance of questioning and understanding in influencing.

Unit 3: Questioning

The ability to ask open questions to seek for information ensures participants can better understand where others are coming from. Combine this with making suggestions and allowing for choice you will maximize buy-in.

Unit 4: Understanding

Listening is looked at and participants learn the three phase process to minimize miscommunications.

Unit 5: Handling Conflict and Coming to an Agreement

Through workshop exercises, attendees fine tune conflict handling and agreement skills and practice them in influencing sessions using real workplace issues.

Unit 6: Learning

Focuses attention on the key role of learning and how to influence learning in organizations. Participants are taught the Learning Cycle and use it to dissect a successful influencing experience.