Influencing Without Authority

Don’t Just Communicate To “Get By” – Learn To Influence Others & Make Change Happen

With real-world exercises and various role-playing games, the Assertive Influencing training (Toronto) gives you a safe environment to practise your ability to influence others, especially those over whom you do not have control.

Experience an immediate and guaranteed change in your behaviour with these highly applicable tools:

  1. Self-Assessment test. Get assessed on your current communication skills to better understand how your behaviour and attitude impacts others.
  2. Influencing Profile Report. Take home a personalized report that helps to reinforce everything you’ve learned.

Forget vague theories—learn easy-to-apply skills and techniques from the communication experts:

  • Build rapport. Learn how to quickly establish common understanding with new relationships.
  • Ask better questions. Learn how to open difficult subjects for discussion, incorporate input, and make sounder decisions.
  • Listen attentively. Pinpoint underlying messages, solve problems more efficiently, and make others feel genuinely heard.
  • Resolve conflicts. Create solutions that foster trust using specific mediation tactics.
  • Reach cooperative agreements. Negotiate effectively to satisfy the needs of all sides.

“Everybody can communicate to get by; but influencing others in a powerful way is a skill that needs intentional practise.”

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Private training is available in your office or virtually for groups of 8 or more.

Change your ability to negotiate uncomfortable situations by becoming a more open and effective communicator at home, in teams, or in organizations.   Get a free Ask-the-Trainer Consultation to inquire about course details, locations and dates—call 1-905-829-1111 or email.