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Working Sm@rt With Outlook

Working Sm@rt with Outlook training in Toronto and onsite training in your office easily arranged.

We have been helping busy professionals be more productive for over 30 years.

Far from being a refresher on Outlook the course unlocked the power of Outlook to become a real productivity enhancement tool that improves work-life balance. Arnold Drung (President) Conestoga Meat Packers Ltd.

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Working Sm@rt with Outlook a time and workload management course.

Participants in Working Sm@rt with Outlook on average increase their productivity by 68 minutes per day.

Common practice today for the majority of individuals is having hundreds or even thousands of emails in their Inbox.

In examining what all this email is you will find there is email that needs to be followed up on, email that has information that is needed at some point and email that may have been read a few times that people are uncertain about.

In other words people are using their Inbox as:

  • A to-do list
  • A filing cabinet
  • A garbage can

Consequences are:

  • Things slip through the cracks
  • Too much time is spent “living” in the Inbox
  • There are increased stress levels
  • A great deal of time is lost
time management training with outlook

Start your day with an action plan


I feel back in control of the day!

Why participate in a Working Sm@rt with Outlook program? 

“Endless emails, an overloaded Inbox, missed follow ups, missed deadlines, constant interruptions, crisis management, long and stressful days, a messy or cluttered desk.”  These are not a minor irritation.  They are a massive problem!  So we have a choice ORGANIZE or AGONIZE.

Participants in Working Sm@rt with Outlook increase their productivity by learning processes to better manage:

·        Email – Control your inbox
·        Your time – Gain control of your day
·        Your activities or to-do’s – No more missed deadlines
·        Information – Easily file and retrieve information
·        Communication – Total recall of all verbal and written communication

Learn how to use Outlook as a planning tool.

The breakeven point investing in the program is about 3 minutes per day.  The average increase in productivity is 68 minutes per day.  We have done post workshop surveys with organizations and have found the return on investment to be between 600% and 1200%.

Byproducts of the program include:

  • Increased motivation
  • Stress reduction
    Work-Life-Balance 3d

    Working Sm@rt with Outlook improved my Work-Life Balance

  • Being more focused
  • Less crisis management
  • Improved Work-Life Balance



The Knowledge Worker Revolution
Key Learning Point (KLP): That work is now mental not physical and new processes are needed.

The Decision Dilemma
KLP: That having multiple places to put reminders to do things is stressful and counterproductive.

The Time Wasters
·        Messy Desk
·        Doing the unimportant things first
·        Attempting too much
·        Crisis Management
·        Telephone and email
·        Personal interruptions
·        Ineffective delegation
·        Poor meeting management
·        Procrastination
·        Can’t say no
·        Unrealistic deadlines

KLP: Raised awareness of how much time we waste and numerous tips on how to be more productive and in control.

The Urgent – Value Matrix
KLP: That fixing problems does not add value.  They are necessary non value added elements of the day.  It’s better to do it right the first time.

KLP: Value of ONE calendar.  Blocking time for high value added work.

Annual and monthly plan
KLP: You need to know where you’re going.productivity

To-do lists and daily planning
KLP: Plan your work.  Work your plan

Communications as a four step process
KLP: How to plan, record file and retrieve conversations.

The Four D’s
·        Delete or ditch it
·        Delegate
·        Do it now
·        Date activate or do it later

KLP: How to clean up in the inbox (email), in-basket (physical papers) and the desk.  Far better CONTROL of the work.


Experience an immediate change in your behavior by learning time management processes in combination with these 5 skills:

  1. Correct use of  Tasks and the To Do Bar.  Increase productivity and reduce stress and crisis management.
  2. Learn how to better manage information and save a massive amount of time everyday.   Working Sm@rt with OneNote is available for substantial amounts of information. 
  3. Become more realistic about your time, make faster and better decisions, and train your team not to “over-communicate.”
  4. How to stop polluting your Calendar with things to do (which should only hold appointments—not ‘to-do’s!) and book appointments easier and more timely.
  5. How to work from one task list so you separate and stay on top of urgent, important–and non-urgent—tasks.

Follow Up Coaching Is Key


One on one personal coaching is available

What makes Working Sm@rt with Outlook very unique is a couple weeks after your training dates we will meet with you in your office.  One on one to:

  • Review and reinforce the learning for long term behavior change
  • Help you maximize the use of Outlook for your specific needs and application
  • Answer questions you may have after your new way of working


Onsite training at your office and online training is easily arranged

A minimum of 8 attendees’ is required.

Scheduled Dates

Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton


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