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Priority 365: Time Management Training in Toronto

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“Funny how much time we waste everyday and how little time we spend trying to fix it.”Daniel Lavoie, 
Novell Canada
time management training in Toronto
If you’re not sure if you’d rather use OutlookIBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes), a Priority Manager (paper agenda book), or your Smartphone to stay organized and more in control of your life: Priority 365 teaches you the same successful time management system—without a specific workload management tool.

In Priority 365, Toronto’s Time Management Training Course, You Learn:

  1. How to regain control of your schedule, no matter what level of work volume you have to manage.
  2. How to create and work from one “To Do” list so you manage urgent and important tasks, without ever getting caught with one of them not done.
  3. Find out how to make faster decisions, communicate more effectively and prioritize your day so you leave your office—on time—with a greater sense of accomplishment.
  4. Use an organized planning process for more effective management of people and information—in or out of the office.
  5. Decrease brain traffic so you feel less stressed about the work you have to do, and take a formulaic approach to productivity.
  6. Learn best communication practices for more effective delegation, more proficient—and more realistic—time management.

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