SmartPhone Time Management Training

Unfortunately, Most People Feel Like Their Smartphone (Blackberry, iPhone, Android) Isn’t Making Them More Productive—But Giving Them More Work To Do.

It takes more than a Smart phone to become more efficient and productive. Register for the Time Management Training Course that teaches you a tested system to become more productive with your Blackberry or iPhone (or iPad).

Click for DatesIt’s time to get back control of your day since the advent of Smart phones. It doesn’t matter what level of email or voice-mail volume you receive. When you’re away from the office, you need more control over activities and information—not less.

When you attend the Working Sm@rt With Blackberry (or iPad/iPhone or Android course) you learn to apply a tested workload management system to liberate you from the feeling of being shackled to your phone. 

You’ll regain a sense of control over urgent and important tasks and stop “running out of time” after you learn how to:

  1. Manage your Smart phone email within Outlook, IBM Notes, or a Mac Mail environment so that you have less work to do when you get back to the office (not more).
  2. Determine when and why to use your smart phone (not just how) so that it becomes a proactive tool.

  3. Consistently apply a priority communication process so that you read items once and act, and can always turn intentions into actions.
  4. Save time with shortcuts for easier navigation and tailor your smart phone for easier access to what you want and need.
  5. Learn effective use of Tasks, Calendars and creative filing so that it is a workload management tool not just an email device or cell phone.

“After cutting my staff by almost half, this system & course saved my life. Today I will work smarter not harder.” Phil Devor,

Is Your Office In Southern Ontario? Get Your Smartphone Training At Your Office.

Your Smartphone training (Blackberry, iPhone/iPad or Andriod Time Management Training) can be held in your office, ask how. Each course is made up of one half-day session so it’s easier to get your staff in a training room.

Pricing for Working Sm@rt with Blackberry and Working Sm@rt with iPhone/iPad is $295 per participant.

On-site training is easily arranged. Call 905-829-1111 or 800-661-7197 for details and availability.

Register on-line now for one of our public workshops.

For all other cities in North America, please contact us directly.

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