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register butttonEver Felt Annoyed By Distractions, Procrastination And A ‘Lack Of Time’?

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“I can quite honestly say I would be unable to function effectively without your “Priority Manager System”. This system offers immense value to Sales Managers like myself, and my organization.” – Rick Bashista, Great West Life Assurance
The Priority Manager course teaches a time-tested process (using a paper system) to never miss a daily sense of achievement again. Having trained over 40,000 workers across Toronto, Priority Management’s tools are responsible for giving course graduates:

  • Up to 64 minutes in your day so you have more time for the things you care about.
  • A 41% 
decrease in work stress.
  • An 85% increase in ability to manage projects.
  • A 33% and 36% increase in your preparedness for meetings and your communication skills.
  • A 46% rise in daily sense of accomplishment.

 Take the course once, and resit the entire course for FREE anytime in the future. So if you move jobs and want to re-experience the learning as it relates to your new role – the course is on-the-house.

You Don’t Have To Be More Disciplined Than Others: This Priority Manager Course in Toronto Changes The Way You Work. 

Get help managing your timeEach full day workshop is followed up with a 45-minute reinforcement training session where a Priority Manager coach sits with you at your desk. Any gaps in your understanding is noticed, supported and fixed. And you’ll absolutely change the way you work once you:

  1. Master the easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement priority manager process, and learn how to apply it to improve your work-life balance.
  2. Control silent and noisy interruptions, identify your major time wasters, reduce desk mess, and stop wondering “where do I start?”, “What should I do next?”
  3. Establish a daily plan for achieving goals.
  4. Plan, communicate and work more effectively with others.
  5. Control multiple tasks and commitments with ease.
  6. Reduce mind clutter and stress.
  7. Increase overall quality of work with reduced expense.
The Priority Manager Course in Toronto is $595 or $545 each when registering 3 or more people.
On-site training is easily arranged. Call 905-829-1111 or 800-661-7197 for details and availability.
Register on-line for one of our public workshops.
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