IBM Notes (formerly Lotus) Time Management Training

Working Sm@rt With IBM Notes

Feel like too much time is spent on email “living in your Inbox” and that you’re not actually getting “anything done?” You’re not alone. In fact, most Toronto (ON) users of IBM Notes complain that email technology is causing:

  • Details to slip through the cracks requiring more crisis management.
  • Difficulty making good use of time between meetings.Click for Dates
  • Increased stress and decreased productivity leading to financial loss.
  • A lack of control over completing urgent and important tasks.
  • A sense of constantly feeling “out of time.”
  • Even poorer communication.

I attended this program because I was feeling frustrated, busy and out of control. Now I organize the day better, I sleep better and stop worrying about all the things I have to do! I look forward to having a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day and not have to take work home or work when everyone else leaves.” – Name Withheld

Lotus Notes time management trainingIt’s true: if you’re keeping trash, a filing system and follow up tasks in your Inbox—email technology IS slowing you down. The Time Management Training with IBM Notes course teaches you the right process and skills to allow you to manage multiple tasks and priorities so you always follow up on commitments.

Bring your laptop. After this course there will be NO extra work to do, and NO work piling up while you attend.

Learn and Master Best Practices: IBM Notes Time Management Training

IBM is not just an email engine: it is a workload management tool—and unless you’ve taken this course before, your staff is likely using it incorrectly. Register for the time management training with IBM Notes course so you learn:

  1. A sequence to quickly collect, separate and prioritize information to make effective use of IBM Notes.
  2. How to control silent and noisy interruptions so you stop feeling distracted by status update feeds, instant messaging, phone calls and emails.
  3. To use tested time management and communication processes to make better use of your Contacts, To Dos, Calendar, Messages, Notes, Planner and file storage.
  4. How to manage and control hard and soft clutter so you avoid retyping, get rid of impromptu notes and scrap paper and find a way to deal with information that doesn’t come in by email.
  5. A 6-step process to get a feeling of achievement at the end of every day.

Working Sm@rt with IBM:From the team who brought you Priority Manager Training and decreased the desk stress of over 50,000 workers in Toronto, Ontario.

One workshop + Priority’s Management’s Reinforcement Training follow-up coaching in your office!)

Take back control of your work-life balance with this workshop.

Pricing for Working Sm@rt with IBM Notes time management training is $595 or $545 per participants when registering 3 or more people.This includes the full day course, the Working Sm@rt with IBM Notes learning guide and a personal coaching session a few week after the training. Register on-line now for one of our public workshops.

On-site training is easily arranged.  Call 905-829-1111 or 800-661-7197 for details about holding this workshop in your office.

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