Google Apps Time Management Training

Click for DatesLearn Time Management Techniques With Google Apps—And Improve Your Decision Making, Productivity, And Performance.

Google Apps Time Management Course in Toronto, Ontario teachers business workers hands-on ways to turn Google Apps into an effective Workload Management tool. Similar to the IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) and Outlook Time Management Course, you’ll learn how to adjust and better use electronic tools to maximize personal and team communication. Enjoy feeling like you have fewer tasks to complete when you know how to: 

  • Reduce stress and free up more time in your day. Learn how to organize your inbox and create “To-Do’s” so you work more productively. Find ways to remove unimportant information from your workspace and minimize distracting phone calls, emails, and face-time so you feel in control of your day.
  • Plan for greater work-life balance. Combine the Priority Planning process with Google Apps (Or Smartphone) Calendar tools to plan your projects and leave work on-time each day. You’ll adjust hidden settings in class and practice better organisation of your time.
  • Use collaboration tools to foster more effective communication with colleagues no matter where you are—without wasting anyone’s time.
  • Quickly troubleshoot common Apps problems, so that delayed or bounced messages get delivered, and event reminders are effective.

A half-day course to help you experience immediate change, and then get back to the office.

See future public workshop dates and register online. Looking for course delivery at your workplace? No problem, call (or email)to have Progressive Training come to you. You can arrange a private training session at your office, or at Progressive Training’s Toronto Learning Centre.

Course Dates

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