Project Management Training

Project Management Training in Toronto Helps You Manage Big-Budget Projects, Minimize Obstacles, And Improve Time-To-Market Delivery

In this 3-day workshop, you’ll learn how to overcome today’s greatest business challenges. By working in teams on challenging case studies you’ll acquire vital skills for your use on any project:

  • Adapt your project’s plan, budget and scope to capitalize on a changing, uncertain business environment. 
  • Use different management styles to train and motivate team members to work cohesively, communicate efficiently, and achieve positive goals.
  • Budget finances and allocate your resources to minimize losses, and maximize assets (including profit).
  • Intelligently manage setbacks, so that a road bump doesn’t send your project into the ditch.

Project Management Tools Included:

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  1. “Planning Kit.” Take home project-planning tools that will help you diagnose and solve problems from now on.
  2. “Making It Happen” Guide. Flip through this Project Management resource whenever big decisions need to be made. 

Pricing Information for Project Management Training in Toronto:

1 to 2 participants $1495 each

3-10 participants $1395 each

11 plus participants $1295 each

Onsite training is easily arranged. Call 1-905-829-1111 today or email to ask about available dates for private training in your (Southern Ontario) office, or at Progressive Training’s Toronto Learning CentreRegister online for upcoming public workshops.

Get back an extra hour in your day:

Complement your Project Management Training in Toronto with Outlook Time Management Training—and recover your work-life balance. 

For all other cities in North America, please contact us directly.

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